Image Design is here to help you tell your story. Everyone has
a unique story and we want to help you find yours and
make it unforgettable!


Our strength is in collaborating with you, from the inception

of a project to its successful finale, finding the best way

to communicate your vision and achieve your goals.

We will be there to steward your product, service, event or idea

every step of the way. We see each project as a unique opportunity

to help you be creative.


And we guarantee client satisfaction.


Take a minute to look around - see what our clients have to say,

look at a few of our projects - then give us a call so we can create

a success with you!



For more than two decades we have been helping businesses and ministry groups around the world to communicate their message. As you can see, many people have taken notice of the work we have done on behalf of our clients. Whether your company is located in Charlotte, Lima, Nairobi, or New York we can help you get your message out.


Call us and together we can decide if that can be best accomplished with a documentary, a broadcast commercial or a simple web video.