• Prologue Communication

    I have been working with Image Design Incorporated for more than ten years. 

    Over that time I have used them in multiple aspects of television production. 

    I have always found Image Design to be willing and capable partner

    in pursuing excellence.


    They supply both creative and technical talent with patience, insight, leadership,

    and cooperation.  In this business, team work is an essential component

    to achieve positive results, and Image Design has always excelled in this area.


    One example was the recent completion of an eighteen month production

    of training films for a large public school district.  Due to legal issues,

    the requirements were exacting and complex.  Image Design assisted in that

    production through the greatest difficulties with a constant positive outlook,

    and achieved a potentially award-winning product.


    I give Image Design my highest recommendation, and look forward to

    working with them for many more years.  After more than a quarter of a century

    in audio-visual production, I have rarely encountered such talent, professionalism,

    and gracious human qualities.


  • Chosen People

    One of the first lessons I learned as a television producer was to find

    creative professionals who could take those ethereal ideas caught in

    my grey matter and turn them into a polished video presentation. It is

    as equally exciting to find a director who cannot only provide the technical

    support of a project, but whose innovative ideas actually enhance your own.


    I had just such an experience with with Brian Scott on a short-form documentary. We faced many challenges with this project: budget restrictions, quality of the video file footage, and a strict deadline to meet for

    syndication fulfillment.


    Not only did we manage to successfully work around all these issues, but what

    we created was a very well-received program. The documentary we produced,

    Messiah in the Feast of Dedication, was nationally syndicated and won two

    Angel Awards in the documentary and home video categories.


    Brian also made the project and enjoyable experience. The long hours and

    tedious work that had to be done to get the “look” we were after never

    dampened his enthusiasm. I welcome the opportunity

    to work with him on future projects.



  • Fairfield Communities

    Please accept this brief note of thanks for the professional manner portrayed by your company in the development of our sales video.  I must commend you on your abilities with a video camera.  You made the anxious day flow with ease.


    The competency to achieve the results was very impressive.  The entire staff of Image Design was very pleasant and maintained a customer first attitude. After a few minutes it was obvious that I was going to get the desired result.


    I was extremely impressed with the edit facility and your techniques in developing the correct product.  The time restraint placed on the production seemed to be of little consequence to you.  The final result

    was completed in record time.


    As a result, the program has been a huge success. Much of that is due to

    the video and your company.